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DIY Electronic Horn for a Car | LM555 + LM386

The LM555 generates an electronic horn signal which is amplified by an LM386. The horn can be used on a car, scooter, cycle, and motorbike.

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DIY Electronic Horn for a Car | LM555 + LM386

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Texas Instruments 555
Texas Instruments LM386
Adafruit IC Holder
Adafruit 10Ω, 1KΩ, 2.2KΩ Resistor
Adafruit 10KΩ Potentiometer
Adafruit Tactile Momentary Push Buttons
Adafruit 5mm LED
SparkFun 0.1uF, 10uF, 100uF, 220uF Electrolytic Capacitor
SparkFun 10nF, 47nF, 100nF Ceramic Capacitor
SparkFun Speaker
Seeed 9V Battery Holder
Seeed 9V Battery
Seeed PCB

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Soldering Iron
Soldering Wire
Mini PCB Hand Drill + Bits
Wire Cutter
Wire Stripper
Soldering Helping Hands


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555 Electronic Horn Circuit Schematic


555 Electronic Horn PCB Board


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