The Grove - 2-Channel SPDT Relay has two single pole - double throw (SPDT) switches. It only requires low-voltage and low current signals to control those switches. Specifically, you can use 5V DC to control max.250V AC or 110V DC.

The best thing is that you can control the two channels separately. For instance, controlled by SIG1, you can connect the COM1 to NC1 or NO1 as your wish.

It is so convenient and reliable that it can be applied to massive products or projects which need to switch high voltage/high current devices.


  • High temperature resistant plastic shell

  • High voltage load

  • Low power consumption

  • Long lasting


  • Domestic appliance

  • Office machine

  • Remote control TV receiver

  • Monitor display

  • Audio equipment high rushing current use application

Technical Details

Dimensions 40mm x 40mm x 19mm Weight G.W 150g     Battery Exclude

Part List

Grove - 2-Channel SPDT Relay 1 Grove Cable 1 Acrylic Case 1 A bag of Nylonl nuts, studs and bolts 1


ECCN EAR99 HSCODE 8536411000


If you want to learn more about this product, please visit the video link below:-

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