LTE Cat 1 Pi HAT (Europe)
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Seeed’s LTE CAT.1 Pi HAT is an open source cellular extension modem for Raspberry Pi, based on u-blox LARA-R2xx series. It compatible with Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ and later versions.


LTE CAT.1 Pi HAT is designed for LTE Category 1 networks and with 2G fallback(EU version only). Embedding common protocols, like TCP/UDP, HTTP.


LTE CAT.1 Pi HAT support UART and USB interfaces. By UART, Raspberry Pi communicate with LTE CAT.1 Pi HAT via AT command without any special driver. It’s well suited for building prototyping rapidly.




  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ and later versions

  • LTE CAT.1 and support 2G fallback(EU version only)

  • UART and USB interface for communicate

  • Support Grove I2C and Digital connector

  • Protocols on cellular module

  • Embed TCP/UDP stack

  • Embed HTTP, FTP, SSL

  • Dual stack IPV4/IPV6

  • 3GPP TS 27.007 [8], TS 27.005 [9] standard AT command

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